M5 South-West turns 25

It’s now 25 years since the first 12 kilometres of the M5 motorway was opened - between Casula and Padstow. Motorists instantly enjoyed 10 minutes in time savings each trip. 31 sets of traffic lights would be bypassed by using the new M5 South-West motorway.

On 14 August 1992 the M5 South-West was officially opened by then Deputy Premier Wal Murray.

The toll was $1.50 for cars and $4.50 for trucks.

The new road was widely advertised, with a campaign featuring racing car driver Peter Brock… and a tortoise!  Slow and steady wins the time savings.

On the first full day of tolling there were 15,172 trips.  Now on average there are 202,000 trips each day.

The M5 South-West has grown and developed to keep up with the needs of a rapidly growing south-west Sydney. 

 “We’ve worked hard over the last 25 years to continually improve the journey with better interchanges, wider roads and a switch to fully electronic tolling,” said Interlink Roads General Manager Rex Wright.