M5 Motorway entries, exits, on & off ramps

There are eleven points along the length of the M5 where motorists can enter or exit the motorway. 

All these entry and exit points (which are also known as on-ramps and off-ramps) generally operate in the same way, however, there are some small differences. 

For a detailed look at the entry and exit points that you will use when travelling on the M5, please click the links below. 

Safety tip: When using the M5's entry and exit ramps, drive within the sign posted speed limit.

  • King Georges Rd
  • Belmore Rd
  • Fairford Rd
  • The River Rd
  • Henry Lawson Drive
  • Heathcote Rd
  • Moorebank Ave
  • Hume Highway
  • Beech Rd / M7
  • Camden Valley Way
  • Campbelltown Rd