M5 South-West Motorway saves time, delivers benefits

The M5 South-West Motorway saves time, delivers environmental benefits and contributes to the wealth of the greater community.

It was developed and is operated under a lease due to expire in 2026 by Interlink Roads Pty Ltd.

The success of the M5 is shared by thousands of Australians through stock and superannuation investments in Interlink’s owner, Transurban.

Interlink's team of dedicated professionals manage every aspect of the 22km motorway, from tolls to drainage, road side facilities and capital development. The M5 team is proud of its good reputation and works to improve services and reduce travel times while maintaining the highest standards in safety.

Several major roads connect to the M5 but are not managed by Interlink. The 
Sydney Motorway's site provides information on these roads. 

Interlink Roads also owns and operates E-way, offering an electronic tolling system that provides access to all Australian toll roads, bridges and tunnels.  Let E-way 
look after your tolls so you can focus on your next trip!