Environmental management policies

Environmental management policies

Interlink understands the way that infrastructure is managed can have an impact on the environment as can the actions of the M5 South-West Motorway users.

Interlink is committed to comply with its legislative, regulatory and contractual obligations in respect of the impact of its operations on the environment.

Where this is under Interlink's control, Interlink will strive to prevent pollution.  Interlink will also endeavour for continual improvement in its environmental performance.  

Towards achievement of these aims, Interlink: 

  • Provides specific environmental induction training to staff and relevant contractors;
  • Prepares and issues a detailed Environmental Management Plan that, in addition to environmental risk assessment and risk control measures, provides detailed environmental objectives and targets, as well as ways of implementing those objectives. The Environmental Management Plan is to be reviewed annually;
  • Will strive to prevent spills/pollution where it is within lnterlink's control;
  • Operates an Environmental Management Committee that meets regularly; and
  • Will regularly monitor, measure and report on environmental indicators.