Belmore Road ramps open 5 February 2019

The Belmore Road ramps are now open. Toll applies. Cashback applies...

  • The ramps were built in response to the continued call by local residents for improved access to the M5
  • Like all trips on the M5, the ramps cost the usual M5 toll (Jan-April 2019: $4.74 for cars and $14.23 for trucks)
  • Although this is the shortest tolled trip on the M5:
    • there is only one toll price to use the M5
    • a lower priced toll at these ramps would draw additional traffic to the local area, overloading roads and impacting road safety and congestion 
    • there is no change to the current non-tolled routes, there are alternatives to the ramps 
    • the NSW Government's Cashback and Toll Relief schemes apply