Don't pay extra fees

There are a few extra steps to charge a toll through a toll notice. To cover this the notice includes an admin fee. The fee is discounted for people who have toll accounts, but it's still a fee that can be avoided.

Toll notice admin fees vary from road to road.  The full administration fee (for paying a toll when you don't have a toll account) is typically $10 for the first notice, and $20 for the second (or reminder) notice.

Paying the toll via your toll account, the M5 South-West charges $1.10 for the first notice and $2.20 for the reminder notice.  

To avoid the fee: 

1. Check your number plates -make sure your toll provider (eg. E-way) has the correct details (including state of registration) for any vehicle you want to cover for tolls. Even if you plan to pay using your tag the number plate is a back up if for any reason the tag doesn't work.  

2. Check your payments - your toll account can't be automatically used to pay the toll if something has gone wrong with your payments.  Make sure your toll provider has the right information and you are set to pay the way that suits you best. 

3. Listen for the beeps - four beeps means your trip isn't being automatically charged to your toll account and you should call your provider right away.  

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