Law change: Mobile phone use

NSW driving laws are to change again in a bid to reduce the impact of distracted driving.

It’s just a two second glance, right?  On a toll road that could take you 55 metres! 

New drivers especially can’t afford the distraction.  The sad fact is 44 people aged between 17 and 25 years have died in car crashes in 2016 in NSW alone. 

New law changes target P2 (green P) licence holders.  From 1 December 2016 they, like other ‘L’ and ‘P’ platers, will no longer be allowed to use a mobile phone at all while driving or riding.  There are also harsher penalties for probationary drivers caught using a mobile phone. 

Do you know the law?  It’s 4 points and a $325 or $433 (school zone) fine for anyone to be caught using a mobile phone illegally while driving.  That’s 8 points when double demerits apply!  

Mobile phone rules

Demerit point offences