How to pay your M5 toll after 3 days

If you haven’t organised to pay within 3 days of your first trip you will be issued a toll notice to pay the toll which will include an administration fee.

Pay toll notice

Pay trip before toll notice

If you haven’t paid the toll you will receive a toll notice.
Each toll notice will include the toll and an administration fee.
To pay simply follow the instructions on the toll notice.

If you haven’t already received a toll notice the trip and an administration fee may be available to pay before a toll notice is issued.

Pay M5 toll notice 

Query M5 toll notice 

Pay M5 single trip 

Having trouble paying?

If paying your account is particularly difficult right now please read our financial hardship policy.  Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to work with you to identify the best possible option for payment.   

Toll notice FAQs